Best Mechanics in Bellingham

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Serving Volvo owners by caring for cars made in Sweden.

Christopher Wise comes to us from the local Volvo dealer. He is a master mechanic who’s expertise is in Volvo and domestic brands GM, Ford and Chrysler

Christopher is one of the best auto mechanics in Bellingham. Master Auto Tech is happy to welcome Christopher Wise. Christopher is a master mechanic with extensive background in Volvo and US made vehicles.

This is quite a claim. How can you say such a thing?

I guess the real question is what makes a good mechanic? A good mechanic loves what he does. A good mechanic is methodical and has a mind for the technical spacial aspects of the trade. You can always tell the really good technician/mechanic by the deliberate attitude. Another way to put it in the word of ancient eastern wisdom; wisdom is evidenced by the conspicuous absence of desperate activity. The best mechanics are never frazzled or if they are never show it.

Mechanic or technician? A technician is a person employed to look after technical equipment or do practical work in a laboratory. A mechanic a person who repairs and maintains machinery. So the person who cares for your car really needs to be both. I like mechanic because the most sophisticated automotive engineers in Formula 1 motor sports prefer to be called mechanics

Volvo-car“After a lengthy interview process with a number of technicians we believe Christopher’s feel to Serve people by caring for cars is so closely aligned with our mission, Chris was our natural choice.”

Christopher is well known in automotive circles and most importantly, well thought of. I have received many kudos for bring him on board.

Stop by our new location at 3709 Bennett Dr. at the top of I-5 Exit ramp 258 right next to the ARCO on Airport Way and welcome Chris. Our no charge courtesy inspection is a great way to get acquainted. Call the shop (360) 733-3043 to schedule an appointment.