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Brake Service Basics


Replacing brake fluid when due is a brake service basic. Modern Brake are the most powerful system on your vehicle even if your car has a high performance engine like the one in the picture. It is one system we do not want to fail. When you push on your brake peddle ten pounds of pressure can equate to around 500 pounds of force at the actual brake. This creates friction and the brakes job is to remove or dissipate the heat which is generated. Notice the cars brake disks are glowing red. There is a lot of heat there.

For the brakes to stop the car, the brake rotors must dissipate heat and the hydraulic fluid which multiplies the force of your foot on the peddle, must not boil. When it does you experience that uncomfortable feeling we call brake fade. You press harder and harder but the car just does not slow down.

Thats why the Department of Transportation is very strict about brake fluid ratings. A Department of Transportation (DOT) fluid rated at 4, (DOT 4) boils at around 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Unfortunately brake fluid attracts moisture which not only damages the tight tolerance valving in modern ABS and

Brake Fluid Check

traction systems it also reduces the boiling point of your cars brake fluid. For every 1% increase in the moisture level of your brake fluid the fluids boiling point is reduced about 60 degrees Fahrenheit.Mercedes Benz and BMW recommend replacing your cars brake fluid every two years. Here in the Great Pacific North West it may need changed more often. Thats why at Master Auto Tech we test the moisture level of your cars brake fluid at every service. 4% is considered unacceptable. In an emergency braking situation the value of regular brake fluid service is priceless.


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