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Cooling System Car Care.

Changing your engine antifreeze / coolant will protect and save from expensive repairs

Antifreeze Cooling System Care can make your winter driving carefree.

Our mission of serving people by caring for cars means we want to save you from expensive and inconvenient break downs. Studies have shown that regular maintenance like replacing your coolant antifreeze mixture on time can save ten to fifteen cents per mile. For the average driver who drives their car ten thousand miles a year this is a significant savings. Our mission is for you to enjoy the lowest lifetime operating costs when traveling or going from place to place around Bellingham and Whatcom County.

We’ve all seen that car alongside the highway steam billowing out the open hood. Chances are that person has not properly cared for his car’s cooling system antifreeze. We don’t want to see any of our customers stuck along side the road, ever.

Your car’s cooling system removes excess heat from the engine.

This system uses a water pump to circulate coolant/antifreeze through the engine block, radiator and climate control. The engine thermostat regulates engine coolant. Just like your home your car’s thermostat maintains the proper operating temperature so the engine can function efficiently.

Coolant/antifreeze (from here on in the article referred to as simply coolant) circulates in the engine’s cooling system. Coolant protects your car engine’s internal parts. A proper coolant mixture reduces electrolysis and chemical corrosion of internal parts. When water passes over dissimilar metals it creates an electrical charge. Electricity causes erosion of the metals themselves. A proper 50% coolant water mixture will mitigate the effect of electrolysis. Coolant also helps lubricate the water pump as well as promoting the heat exchange occurring at the car’s radiator. A proper mixture helps remove excess heat from the system. To weak of a mixture can lead to overheating but to strong of a mixture can cause plugging of internal passages.

Antifreeze Coolant has changed over the years.

For decades auto manufactures have used the common green colored Inorganic Acid Technology (IAT) coolant designed to protect copper core radiators and the solder joints holding them together. The green coolant worked well for this but is very toxic and damaging to the environment when it leaks out.

Manufacturers developed a new mixture called, Organic Acid Technology (OAT) originally billed as life time coolant which the engineers told us never needed replaced. Mechanics know engine coolant antifreeze mix needs replaced. Engineers discovered the the OAT coolant typified by the orange colored Dex-Coo coolant should be changed every five years.

In their never ending search for better technology engineers developed a Hybrid Organic Acid Technology (HOAT) to meet the specific needs of modern cooling systems. The specific protective additive packages used by the various manufacturers are often proprietary. When replacing the HOAT coolant it is critical that the proper coolant is used in order to maintain the best protection and reduce the high cost of repairs. A rule of thumb is to replace coolant with the same color coolant which came out.


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