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Money Saving Brake Fluid Service

Save with regular maintenance.

Master Auto Tech likes to help you keep costs down with regular maintenance service. We like servicing engine oil, Radiator coolant/antifreeze, transmission oil and brake fluid. That’s why we recommend replacing your brake fluid every two years.

Brakes; the most powerful system in your car.

Ever wonder how your foot on a little pedal, the brake pedal can stop a 3,000 pound car? The inertia for your car traveling that fast is hundreds of tons. How can you stop all that weight with just your foot? Brake fluid in your hydraulic system along with the power assist acts as a force multiplier. This creates tremendous heat which far exceeds the boiling point of most fluids. Engineers solved this problem by creating brake fluid. The boiling point of brake fluid is over 400 degrees F.

Moisture, your brakes enemy.

The problem here is that brake fluid is what they call hydroscopic. hydroscopic is a $64 word that means it attracts moisture. In the North West all our moisture (rain) can create problems with your brake system. As little as 3.7% moisture in your fluid can lower the fluids boiling point by nearly 1/2 causing brake fade. Brake fade is a very uncomfortable feeling, under emergency or extreme circumstances.

Here to serve you.

At Master Auto Tech as we seek to help you maintain the lowest life time operating costs of your vehicle. Corrosion caused by moisture in the brake hydraulics can turn a $200 brake job into a $600 brake job with pads and hydraulic calipers.

We find our happiest customers are those who elect to take care of regular maintenance. Studies suggest you can save $.10 to .15 per mile by taking care of regular maintenance like flushing the brake fluid, servicing your cars transmission and changing your engine on time.

Give Danny a call at 360 733-3043 or schedule an appointment on line : to start saving today with regular maintenance for your car truck or SUV.


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