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More from our BBJ Infomercial on Tires

My next topic came to me some time ago in dramatic form. The shelf life of tires was featured on an ABC News info drama. I choose to leave the fearful drama aside but think it’s a topic worth noting. The video can be found on ABC’s website.

I broach the topic for the Bellingham Business Journal with the help of our ever present inquisitive customer.

Q: My father in law asked me how old my new tires are? I just bought them they are new, right?

A: Not necessarily. Like milk, eggs or corn chips, tires have a “best if used by” date printed on them. Only outdated tires could be a lot more hazardous than tainted treats. On the side wall of every tire is a sequence of letters and numbers beginning with the letters DOT. For example: DOT B97R FW6X 2202.

The numbers at the end of our example are the week of the year the tires were manufactured. In our example the tires were manufactured in the twenty second week of two thousand two. Tires older than six years may be unsafe and should not be used.

A reputable tire store will readily make this date available for you. I recently bought a set of tires for my wife’s Toyota. The dates of manufacture; 0309, the third week of 2009 were conveniently printed on the invoice.

MMMM fresh tires.


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