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Save $25 on a fuel injection cleaning

Audi Repair

Fuel injection cleaning is an important part of your cars health and efficiency. Inside your cars engine little explosions are going on thousands of times a minute. Thats why they call it an internal combustion engine. Any time there is fire or explosions there is going to be residue soot and varnish. In the same way the chimney in a fire place needs to be cleaned periodically your cars internal engine parts need to be cleaned.

Modern cars are wonders of mechanical engineering. Todays cars are getting better milage, with less emissions and more power all at the same time. One of the ways they do this is with direct injection. This is a very efficient means of getting fuel to those thousands of explosions first used in the iconic Mercedes Gull Wing 300 SL. The down side is this this type of injection is that like a chimney which doesn’t get cleaned soot of carbon builds up on the internal parts of your cars valves and other internal parts.

This carbon can be removed one of two ways. The engine can be taken apart and cleaned, very expensive and time consuming or you can bring your car in to Master Auto Tech for a regular intake and fuel injection service.

We will place an additive in your engines oil and run the engine to clean the internal piston rings, then we will clean out the intake and fuel injectors with a special cleaner and even add a supplement to the engines oil to make it run happier till your next oil change.

After Todd cleaned the fuel system on the Smart Car he got 22% better gas milage after cleaning the Smart fuel injection. I can feel the difference in the way my Audi preforms and I try not to think about the fuel milage it gets, ever.

Make your appointment with Todd today to have your cars fuel system cleaned. Your faithful vehicle will thank you for it.

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