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Service Your Cars Cooling System

Cooling System
Your Cars Cooling System

Your Cars Cooling System

Your Cars Cooling system removes heat from the hot engine and allows it to dissipate in the air passing through and over the radiator. When the engine reaches the proper operating temperature, generally around 82 degrees Celsius the thermostat opens allowing the hot coolant into the top of the radiator. The coolant flows down channels in the radiator core where with the help of the fins in the radiator is allowed to cool. The thermostat in the engine does exactly what the thermostat in your house does. It keeps the engine at the correct temperature. When the engine gets hot the thermostat opens and allows the coolant to flow to the radiator. When it gets too cool the thermostat closes to help maintain the engines proper operating temperature.

Heat is the means of generating power so while too much heat will cause engine damage to little heat will cause your engine to be inefficient resulting in poor gas mileage and performance. Some manufacturers have experimented with ceramic engines allowing for much more heat to be harvested before damage occurs.

One of the enemies of efficient heat exchange in the modern engine is boiling the other is freezing. The coolant, often called anti-freeze helps with both. Glycol in the coolant inhibits boiling as well as freezing. There are also important lubricants and chemicals to protect your engine from internal corrosion. Because of these vital chemicals it is recommended your coolant be changed periodically.

Keeping pressure on the system, usually around 15 ponds per square inch also inhibits boiling. The radiator cap helps maintain this pressure as the water pump circulates the coolant through the engine and radiator as a closed system.

At Master Auto Tech we are careful to check your engine coolant protection level at every visit. We also inspect for leaks during our Vourtesy Vehicle Inspection


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