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Smart Car Fun

I joined about 26 other Smart car owners for some Smart car fun on a trip from Monroe WA to Levenworth. There are all sorts of car owners from the A type and the obsessive compulsive to those who just run their car into the ground and go buy another. I like Smart car owners because for the most part they are just plain fun. To a person they seem to love their cars as if the vehicles were some kind of mechanical little pet.

Not a lot of bragging about performance. All the cars are about the same, 67 horse power, about the same as a Harley 1449 and though heaver than a Harley not by much. But the Smart is the favorite whipping you for the elitist car snob types. I guess I got over that when I saw a Smart parked in the employee parking lot at McLaren. Some folks worry about the safety of such a small car and there is more security in a truck SUV or well designed sedan like a Mercedes E class but for a small car they test quite well in crash testing. Since my other car is a BMW RT1150 motorcycle I am more concerned with safe driving than I am crashing.

Our little parade sure drew some attention. We arrived in Levenworth, not to be confused with penitentiary and enjoyed some great grub at Gustav’s. The Corvette club was also there at the time and was glad to share the parking lot with us.

Smart Car Fun


Smart Car
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