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Water pump replacement

Water pump

A reputable shop which offers a warranty to replace that faulty water pump is a must.

The price and time for replacing your car’s water pump can vary widely.

A water pump like the one shown goes to a supercharged Mercedes-Benz V8. The retail price for this pump is about $500. That’s just for the part. You don’t want just anyone replacing such an important component on your $120,000 car. You are going to want an experienced professional doing the job. Of course even if you are replacing a $50 part on a $20,000 car you want a trained experienced mechanic. A reputable shop which offers a warranty is a must.

The water pump circulates coolant through the engine cooling system and heater. When the pump fails a few bad things can happen. The coolant can leak out causing the engine to overheat. The bearing can fail causing engine and or radiator damage or the pump can simply stop pumping because of an internal failure.

The pump seals to the front of the engine with a gasket. A serpentine belt operates this water pump. Timing belts spin some coolant pumps. More on that later. The shaft from the front of the pump connects to an impeller which circulates coolant. A bearing and a seal hold the shaft so the pump can spin freely and not leak coolant.

One of the reasons mechanics recommend regular coolant replacement is to keep the bearing and the seal on the water pump shaft lubricated. A coolant flush can save hundreds of dollars for an expensive water pump replacement.

Even good quality parts can fail. Once again a warranty from a reputable shop can save you money.

Remember that $20,000 car we were talking about? This car may have a water pump which is run by a timing belt. A serpentine belt can be removed in a few minutes but a timing belt can be an all day job. When mechanics replace timing belts and the timing belt operates the water pump a good mechanic will recommend replacing the water pump even if the timing belt driven water pump is not leaking or lose. Again replacing that water pump for slightly more now can save hundreds later if the timing belt must be removed again to replace the water pump a few months or weeks later. Even good quality parts can fail. Once again a warranty from a reputable shop can save you money.


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